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If you need to send money to your youngster studying abroad now, you are able to do it faster and much more firmly during your smartphone.

If <a href=""></a> you need to send money to your youngster studying abroad now, you are able to do it faster and much more firmly during your smartphone.

Great things about Money Transfer App

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Explore how cash transfer apps make everything easier

TLDR Points

  • Cash transfer apps permit you to remit money right from your phone.
  • It offers an interface that is user-friendly calls for merely a password to start a transaction.
  • It will help to keep monitoring of your remittances.
  • Its totally safe.
  • It can be utilized from anywhere whenever you want.
  • You can make use of the DBS digibank mobile software to make faster remittances enjoy zero fees and competitive change rates.


There are cash transfer apps which are convenient, and you can transact remotely. What exactly are these apps?

A cash transfer app facilitates cash transfer between two records and fees a fee on each transaction.

This short article will highlight what sort of cash transfer app makes your daily life easier and keeps you close to your ones that are loved even continents aside.

In regards to the Money Transfer App Industry

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The amount of money transfer application industry is really a multibillion-dollar one spread across the globe. Overseas money transfer apps facilitate deals between reports registered in different countries in a quick and seamless way.

Next, let’s check what makes the entire world of cash transfer apps so valuable that it already has over 866 million accounts that are registered 90 nations.

Great things about using a money transfer application

Cash transfer apps have something to every user – parents whom need to send rent money with their son or daughter learning abroad urgently, a child who wants to deliver cash back house to her elderly parents, a traveller that is international really wants to make an advanced b king for his getaway, a businessman who would like to b k accommodation… them all can use a cash transfer application to make their payments.

Here are the great things about a cash transfer application


A money transfer app is made to be user-friendly. All you have to do is register along with your password and username. Some apps even enable you to activate the biometric feature to access the app along with your fingerprint or face-recognition. a few taps on the screen is all it requires to do a cash transfer on an software.


Money transfer apps are protected. Transactions are encrypted, and bug fixes happen frequently. Furthermore, most smartphones are locked using a password or fingerprint of the owner today. Which means even in the event someone were to get their fingers on your phone, you wouldn’t need to worry about them gaining use of the money transfer application and committing monetary theft.


You’ll start a cash transfer from anywhere in the world, at any time—no need to search for a physical branch. The thing that is only need is just a smart unit (phone/tablet/laptop), account, internet connectivity, and details of the beneficiary.

Effortless monitoring of money

If you’re seeking to access all deals and set favourites, cash transfer apps are for you personally. All your transactions are detailed inside the application. In this way, you can keep track of all your money transfers.

Given that you realize some great benefits of money transfer apps browse exactly how digibank by DBS makes a difference within the global world of money transfer apps.

Just How digibank by DBS is changing the remittance ecosystem

With digibank, you can remit cash to your ones that are loved online as well as your convenience. So, what makes the digibank app a way that is great transfer money?

Same remittance day

You are able to avail of same-day remittance* on specific tracks provided that the funds transfer has been done prior to the cut-off time.

Zero fees

digibank by DBS does not charge a fee a charge for making a worldwide cash transfer to specific countries and currencies.

Preferential trade rates

digibank provides the most exchange that is competitive on particular currencies. This notably reduces the overall price of the deal.


Cash transfer apps are certainly probably one of the most ways that are efficient remit cash offshore. They’re easy and convenient to make use of from anywhere.

Down load digibank by DBS and leverage the ibanking platform to deliver cash overseas in a hassle-free way.