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From files, images, music, video clip and more – Uploadfiles is just a free and effortless solution to share your computer data

From files, images, music, video clip and more – Uploadfiles is just a free and effortless solution to share your computer data

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Upload files for free, without enrollment

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Uploadfiles makes file storage and sharing effortless and simple. Our encrypted cloud storage space uses the latest safety practices to keep your data secure and protected at all times. Produce a url to share files at no cost, or automatically sync with your desktop software to upload files seamlessly.

Upload any file type

There are not any restrictions in the form of file you are able to upload to your filesharing that is free platform. The only restriction we put in destination is a 5GB max filesize for free users or over to as much as 100GB for company users.

We place our users in control, which will be one of the reasoned explanations why Uploadfiles is in escort services in Carlsbad the many popular file sharing sites on earth.

Share files for free, around the globe

Uploadfiles deploys a range that is wide of centres positioned in various areas around the globe. This permits us to fast ensure lightning file sharing capabilities to our customers all the time. Whether you have got files for download, or simply want to upload and share, you can rely on us 24/7, 365 times per year.

No pop ups, no spyware

Completely fed up of pop-up ads, push notifications, spyware, bitcoin miners and ‘quizzes’ that could infect your laptop or desktop with malware? So can be we, which explains why you will never see some of these on Uploadfiles. Way too many file web hosting platforms are driven by revenue, this means your safety comes a distant second. For us it is the other way round, giving you the confidence that one can remain secure and safe in spite of how long you spend on our file upload website.

Complimentary file management that is sharing & features

Not only are you able to enjoy up to 3TB of secure, permanent information storage, we have a range of features you won’t find on every other file web hosting site. We’re always thinking outside the field to stay one step ahead of our competitors, making our file upload system the best.

Drag & Drop Friendly

The sharing that is online of must certanly be simple, therefore all you need to complete is drag and drop your files into our file uploader and we’ll create a shareable Address in an instant

Unlimited Speeds

Fed up of restrictive file upload and install speed limitations? We do not restrict speeds for professional users, it is as quickly as your connection. And all sorts of users that are free download files at 1MB/s

Unlimited Bandwidth

We never restrict the bandwidth or the quantity of packages your file can receive. We simply let you share files 100% free without limitation

No Enrollment Required

You also have the possibility to join up at no cost to enjoy our file that is full sharing, but you can also just upload and share without enrollment, anonymously

Multiple Uploads

Would you require several file upload at a time? No issue, by developing a account that is free can upload as 30 files at the same time, straight away

Password Protected Files

At Uploadfiles, protection is of the upmost value, which is the reason why all new users can protect their file upload and linked information along with its own individual password

Mobile File Sharing

Irrespective of where you are, as long you can upload files directly from your smartphone or tablet, keeping you connected on the move as you have an internet connection

End to finish Encryption

Through the moment you upload files through to reaching our storage space servers, your files receive complete encryption using the very grade that is latest A SHA-256 SSL technology

Site upload widget

Allow users to upload files to your website in an instant with our embeddable upload widget that is an easy task to install and affix to your internet site

Sell your files

Whether it is music, video, pc software or anything else, our secure checkout allows one to offer your online products with no hassle

One time down load links

Personal or sensitive and painful files is set to auto destruct after one down load for extra safety and ephemeral file web hosting.

Direct Downloads

Enable downloads that are direct allow your files to be downloaded as much as 1,000 times per day without recipients visiting Uploadfiles.

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